Online Financial Literacy Course

10 Educational Modules
The subjects covered in the course are:
– Debt Management
– Estate Planning
– Asset Protection
– Investment Risk (and how to avoid it)
– Understanding Life Insurance
– Understanding Annuities
– Healthcare Costs in Retirement
– Designing your plan
– Traditional Wealth Building (why it hasn’t worked)
– Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them

Get educated!

Do you know the best way to get bad advice from advisors and/or get taken advantage of by advisors?

Stay uneducated!
“He who is his own financial planner has a fool for a client”

Have you ever heard this famous saying? In the context of a financial plan, trying to be your own financial planner is a recipe for disaster. While just about anyone can make money in an up stock market, people who manage their own money, over time historically do a very poor job.

Don’t believe us? There is an industry study put out every year called the DALBAR Study. It’s an investor behavior study that calculates what the “average investor” has returned over the last 20 years. The average investor has earned a measly 3.88% (2018 year-end numbers).

Advisor or No Advisor—Education is Key

The ONLY way to make sure you have the best financial plan that will help you reach your goals in the least risky manner possible is to get educated.

How can you get educated?

You can read one of a million different financial guru books. Some do have decent content, but most do not and most are really sales books for their services.

Because of my place in the financial services industry, I just happen to be in a unique position to create true educational content for consumers. One of my businesses is an education company where I teach advisors how to give better advice.

I’ve taken the technical content from my advisor education courses and material from one of my several consumer education books and put together a unique blend of content that makes up what I think is the best consumer education course available today.

Written content; Video Content; Examinations

The online financial literacy course comes with written course material you can read, it comes with online educational videos (where I explain the written material), and each section of the course comes with an examination.

Why examinations?

The goal isn’t to test to get a grade.

“The goal is to use the examinations to reinforce the most important parts of the material and to make sure users really truly understand the content and are able to apply it to their own personal situation.” Roccy

Those who put in the time to go through the course will find it an eye-opening, enlightening, and empowering event.