Avoiding Bad Advisors

While it’s important for people to seek out and find good” advisors to work with, it’s even more important for people to avoid working with what author Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, calls a bad “advisor.

We see it all the time

When our firm brings on new clients, most of them have used other advisors in the past for one thing or another. When we review what advice clients have been given by other advisors, the majority of the time we know that they have worked with a bad advisor.

Many times the consequences of working with a bad advisor are financially devastating. We want to help people avoid doing just that.

Education opens eyes

The reason bad advisors can make a living is because most people don’t know that they are dealing with a bad advisor.

How to you determine if you are working with a bad advisor?

We are pleased to be able to give away for FREE Attorney DeFrancesco’s book Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them.

Once you read this book you will know if you’ve ever worked with a bad advisor in the past, if you are currently working with a bad advisor, and how to avoid working with one in the future.

To receive a copy of the book Bad Advisors, click here or if you prefer to give us a call, please feel free to do so by calling 815-236-8756.